Before heading out to the river to start fishing for steelhead it is important to think about what you are going to use for bait and how you are going to set up your equipment. While there are many methods of steelhead fishing, drift fishing is the most common. This method produces bites for anglers on a regular basis and requires only a weight, sink and a hook. Despite the fact that the steelhead is a large, aggressive fish, it can still be hard for the anglers to detect when one bites the line so it is important to pay constant attention.

For someone who is new to steelhead fishing, the drift method may not be the best method to start out with. Jig fishing, may be a better method. The jig fishing method is similar to traditional fishing in that it uses a bobber which shows when a bite has taken place by bobbing up and down. Plunking, on the other hand, is a passive method of steelhead fishing where a raft is set up on a river and left while you wait to see if fish come up to take the bait.

The plunking method of steelhead fishing only produces fish during part of the year, however, that the jig method can be relied on year-round. While fly fishing is popular with some people, it is often not the best method to use for steelhead fishing. However, since it is useful for catching other types of fish, you may want to try it for steelhead fishing in order to learn the technique. Additional gear is required for fly fishing, including trousers that helps to keep you dry while you wade in the river. Often people want to go with an experienced fly fisherman for at least one or two lessons before trying fly fishing on their own. You can usually rent equipment at your local fly fisherman store.

Oftentimes the most enjoyable method of steelhead fishing is that which is done from a boat. This method, known as trolling, allows you to move around a large area on a river or lake to find spots where the fish are congregating. In my experience, fishing from a boat is the most enjoyable and allows you to make a day out of your fishing excursion, since you do not get bored from staying in one spot too long.

Whenever possible, it is best to go in a group while steelhead fishing because the fish are strong and can put up a good fight. While it may be tempting to relax and not pay attention, it is important that you are ready at all times in case one of these powerful fish bites your line. As you gain experience with the steelhead fishing, you may want to invest in new equipment. Don't think, however, that you need to buy expensive equipment to try out this great sport. It is advisable that you check your local newspaper or stop by your local fishing supplies store to get the scoop on which areas have fish that are biting and plan to visit the spot where the fish are biting.


Isn't it funny how memories are triggered? I am sitting on the bank with my son, watching our fishing lines float effortlessly across the water. The sun's rays lazily stream through the mists of the violet colored mountains. The call of crows in a nearby field, coupled with the smell of lake air, took me on a voyage, wandering through my fondest childhood memory. My father and I loved fishing and we treasured these trips together.

Dad crept into my room and quietly awakened me. He said, "Hurry and get dressed, but be quiet so you don't wake your mother." I peeked out the window and realized that it was still dark. Dad went outside and started loading our fishing gear into the truck bed. I quickly got dressed into my favorite jeans, t-shirt and sneakers. I darted out of the bedroom quickly but quietly only to be greeted by the person I wasn't supposed to wake. Mom was in the kitchen holding a brown paper bag. She had gotten up without Dad knowing and prepared us something to eat. Out the front door I leaped like a yearling, with my ball cap, fishing rod and the brown paper bag.

The doors creaked open on Dad's old truck, sounding like a casket lid on some late night horror movie. The old truck was drafty and the seats were cold in the predawn air and I started to shiver. Dad turned the key and stomped the starter peddle in the floor. The engine roared to life and we were off on our weekend adventure. "What's the matter," he asked. "Nothing, it's a little chilly," I replied. Dad pulled the old truck off to the side of the road and wrapped me in his woollen jacket. It was warm but scratchy and it smelled of his favorite chewing tobacco. I wriggled around into the jacket and positioned myself so the cold seats weren't touching my skin. Back out onto the road the old truck bounced as we splashed through mud puddles and navigated the aged roads, with only the headlights to guide our way. Finally, we arrived at our favorite fishing hole.

I was excited to get to spend this time with my father. He was a hard working man that held three jobs, in order to provide for his family. Time with him was a precious commodity and I intended to make the best of it. Dad took my hand and guided me down the narrow dirt path, which was leading to our destination. Once we got there, I fumbled in the darkness to find the bait and was struggling to bait the hook. I was ready to give up, but Dad took over the chore and in no time I was fishing. It didn't matter if I caught anything as long as I was with my father.

I can see the beginning of the sun's rays stretching through the mountains and into the dark sky. Gradually the night sky begins to give way to the dawn and the mist is rising from the water like a thin veiled curtain. Gentle ripples are emanating from where my father had just cast his line. It is so peaceful and serene. Suddenly through the silence I hear the crows calling from the field across the water and a rush of lake air permeates my senses. The sun's rays streamed lazily through the mists of the purple mountains. I look over to ask my father a question, but he is gone. My son is there instead. He looked at me and said "Dad what is wrong?" I smiled and said "Nothing is wrong son, I was just remembering." 

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